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Car Lot


Behind The Car Show

Olivia Netzel, a grade 10 student from Lucky Lake, organized and executed the car show as a part of her Leadership 30 course through her high school.  She began the course in late 2020. 

She did field and online research, applications to several organizations such as The Jim Pattison Children's Hospital, Government of Saskatchewan for permission due to Covid19, the Village of Lucky Lake and more.  

She would like to thank all participants, spectators, friends and family for the support she received during the planning and execution stage....especially her Grandad who brought his fair share of cars to show off.  

Olivia was since nominated for a Nation Youth Philanthropy Award by The Jim Pattison Hospital.  She was recognized during an online celebration as an Outstanding Youth Philanthropist in November 2021.  She is forever grateful for the opportunity to help others and is honored as an award recipient.  

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